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Nov 11, 2012 10:15am EST
hamas. to get at the syrian brotherhood which had been targeting regime elements. they are not free or innocent themselves and 20-30,000 people were killed in a couple of days. now it's been more of a -- what i call in the book, machiavellian blood-letting because the regime didn't want this single day or two day or three-day massacre of the city or a chemical -- use of chemical weapon s that would galvanize an international response and compel the international community to respond. so it's been more this piece-by-piece and has to do with the various limitations on the syrian army and the trust tt worthy elements of the syrian army. but i would blame the government most of all for that initial reaction. >> thank you. yes. >> yes, personally don't think we should have gone the middle east in a war for any reason, but bush had to have his war. the russians failed, the british failed. don't you think we started all these clans and these factions -- haven't we stirred them up by starting these things we did? can you comment on that? >> comment on how we can -- >> well, not on -- well,
Nov 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
of thousands of others. mudslides caused further damage. hamas, entered and starving, survivors rushed to the coastal area in the news of loved ones. as news reports filter back, president nixon promised 10 bundlers and 10 bundler zenaida solis promising to an army navy helicopters to the search and rest emission. the american public moved by the devastation had begun donating supplies and money to be sent to people in korea. similarly a pathetic, pat wanted to help. during the weekend at camp david a couple discussed the situation with the possibility of delivering donations from the american people down to peru. a week later she flew to peru in the conservative solace, way for the permanent president and l-lima to deliver donations to visit the injured and homeless. she took with her 18,000 pounds of blankets and other goods as well as during her brief stay she accompanied by nature the most devastating regions on a small plane sitting all manner repurposed kitchen chair with no seatbelt. walking amid the rebel she offered comfort to those who had lost everything. her genuine concern
Nov 24, 2012 10:30am EST
, and even imprisoning people for selling raw milk, you can go to an amish farmer from some of these hamas farmers have been arrested and threatened with jail because they are selling milk to their neighbors. >> will you be taking these issues nationwide? >> we will be talking about it everywhere anybody will listen because we think government has gotten out of control. government has run amok, and government has become a bully. someone has to stand up to a bully. >> november 2012, post-election. the 2012 elections clarify for you? >> well, that we as republicans need to do something to grow as a party. we are in danger of becoming a dinosaur if we don't figure out what people want out on the west coast, new england, around the great lakes. solid blue. and so we figure out what people want we're not the right to win again as a party. >> what do you think they want. >> i think they are conservative. they think we should balance our budget, but i also think they don't think we should be at war everywhere all the time. the one little more tolerance in policy as far as putting people in prison
Nov 10, 2012 11:45pm EST
and book award. thing keogh. from toure this afternoon. [applause] >> carla? >> a chronicle of the hamas stock rebels this it is particularly intriguing because it it is based on letters of the actual rubbles that 10 came across the structure it is of beautiful because he interweaves the letters. sean hill rights always a and ambitious public seven young rewards "the reader" with the latest volume of the book arden see. the kidnapped african who famously rebelled against their chapters to find themselves lending in america that robert haden roach of in middle passage and stevens been bit -- steven spielberg rendered and armas died here in this very important book readers in gauged with a tragedy and drama of this incident their exploration of the small human moment of the rebels' plight. a major american voice has brought this to bear in the book at once eloquent and playful. mrs. navtech of the 19th century event and we should be reading this book allowed. 10 young's bio it is in the program so i will just introduce them. congratulations. [applause] >> icing on top of basing now i can p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4